SFA Brooklyn | Application
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Application Requirements

Documentation guide

Documents Needed:


    1. Complete Application
    2. Academic Reports:
      1. If entering Kindergarten or 1st Grade:
        1. a copy of the final Progress Report from the previous school/Day Care
      2. If entering Grades 2-7:
        1. Two years of report cards from previous grade levels
        2. A copy of at least two years of standardized test results (When applicable).
        3. Copies of referrals, services or testing documentation (including, but not limited to, Title 1, Speech Services, Academic Testing, Behavioral Testing, IEP, SSP, 504 Plans, etc.). (When applicable)
    3. Interview with Administration


After Interview with Administration and upon acceptance, the following documents are needed:

      1. Child’s birth certificate (original)
      2. Baptism certificate (original)
      3. Immunization record (original yellow card or Doctor’s record)
      4. Proof of Address (Rental Lease, phone bill, electric bill, cable bill)
      5. Custody documentation (If any exist)
      6. Completed Physical Exam (“Health Examination Form” – available in the main office)


You may be asked to have your child shadow, or you may request for your child to shadow. Shadowing is when a prospective student spends the day at our school in their current grade to assist in making the admission decision and/or in the acclimation of your child to the environment.