Announcement for ALL Parents (Grades 2-5)


Due to our school’s closure as a result of the Coronavirus all students must join the following google classrooms: Grade Level Google Classroom, Music, Physical Education, Spanish/Art, PDHP Life Skills and Technology.

-Attendance will be taken daily. Students are required to answer the attendance question prompt before 9:00 am and it will be entered in Option C.

-Classwork/ Announcements will be posted in each classroom and due dates will be given.

-All given work will be graded. These grades will be entered into Option C and used for 3rd trimester grades in each subject.

-Late assignments may/may not be accepted. This is dependent on the individual teacher.

-Students may ask the teacher’s permission to resubmit an assignment if necessary.


Homework will be posted on the website and also in each classroom.
Due dates will be given.


Most of the tests/quizzes will be done through Castle Learning.
Dates for these will be posted on the website