SFA Brooklyn | Faculty & Staff
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Faculty & Staff

Our Team

The foundation of our culture and the success of our students lies in the hands of our teachers. Our administration exists to support our teachers.

Ms. Lorraine Pierre


Aislinn Pond

Principal Assisitant

Sister Barbara Yander

Administrative Assistant

Herlin Ramirez

School Secretary

Karen Aya

Financial Secretary

Ms. Reyes

DOE Lunch Coordinator/Teacher Aid

Mrs. Candice Blake-Davis

Educational Director

Ms. Lynette Williams

UPK 101

Ms. Wilma Thomas

UPK 101

Ms. Jessica Persaud

UPK 102

Ms. Sherry Gaillard

UPK 102

Ms. Sharlene Inniss

3K 103

Ms. Danielle Lindsay

3K 103

Ms. Danielle Lindsay

3K 103

Ms. Samantha Smith

3K 104

Ms. Pam Persaud

3K 104

Ms. Soto, Ericka

Kindergarden Teacher

Sr. Gladys

Kindergarten Teacher Aid

Ms. Myriam Gillis

1st gr. Teacher

Genevieve Nwaizu, Sr. Miriam

Mrs. Alejandro, Anna

3rd gr. Teacher

Mrs. Nicholas, Sheralin

4th gr. Teacher

Mrs. Chavannes, Norma

5th gr. Teacher

Mrs.Clarke-Hall, Jessica

6th gr. Homeroom Teacher (Spanish 4-8 Science 6,7)

Mrs. Leath, Bethzaida

7th gr. Homeroom Teacher (ELA 6,7,8 Religion 7,8)

Mr. Daniel Baietto

7th gr. Homeroom Teacher (math 6,7,8 - science 8)

Ms. Karen Black

8th gr. Homeroom Teacher (6,7,8 Social Studies - Tech 3-8 )

Mr. Raven Williams

Music Teacher k-8/ Tech K1,2/ Gym K-3

Ms. Kathe Robinson

Art Teacher k-8/Gym 4-8